Air Quality Monitoring

This discussion is about the air quality monitoring that will be taking place in Chorlton and Chorlton Park as part of the ‘Our Streets Chorlton’ and other projects and initiatives that may be going on.

We will be using Earthsense Zephyr air quality monitoring stations with in Chorlton. One will be permanently located for the duration of the project at ‘Four Banks’ the junction of Wilbraham Road and Barlow Moor Road. The data generated from them will be open data and will be online in the near future.

Even though the AQ monitors are still bedding in, we are getting some interesting readings back from:
Four Banks:
NO, NO2 & O3
Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 13.22.28
and PM1, 2.5 &10
4 Banks PM
Darley Avenue
NO, NO2 & O3
Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 13.23.52
and PM1, 2.5 & 10
Darley PM

I’ve started adding the raw AQ data to our Github. Can find it here:

There are two folders, one for each of the monitors. I’ll be downloading the raw data weekly & uploading every Monday morning for previous week. Will upload both CSV and KML files.

Can download the data with time average intervals at 15m, 1 hour, 8 hour or 24 hour but I’m uploading the non-averaged data, so it gives it at 1m intervals.

Happy to upload averaged ones too, but figure that can be done manually if needed? Any thought?

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This is a great inverse correlation from the Four Banks Air Quality sensorScreenshot 2021-03-03 at 22.32.20 . From a comment on Twitter it seems that due to the stable weather over the last week this pattern has been pretty marked.

Here are charts for w/c 22 Feb 21

chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min(2) chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min(1) chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min(2) chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min(1)

Note the spike in PM10 on Darley Avenue, around 9pm on Sunday 28 Feb - not sure what this could be?

Latest AQ graphs for 1-7 March 2021.

chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min(3) chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min(5) chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min(4) chartExport_Darley_Avenue (44)_15 Min(3) chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min(5) chartExport_Four_Banks - Barlow Moor Road (163)_15 Min(4)