Data Cooperatives

Since 2012 ODM has been interested in the idea of cooperative data ownership and management. This thread is a discussion about matters relating to data cooperatives and other alternative forms of data management.

We ran an number of workshops in 2014 looking at data cooperatives and the workshop report can be found on Github research/OPEN DATA COOPERATION Workshop report.pdf at master · OpenDataManchester/research · GitHub

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We’ve got an event called How to Build a Data Cooperative coming up on the 30th March. There will be contributions from Astha Kapoor from the Aapti Institute in Bangalore, Hays Witt from Drivers Seat Cooperative in the US and me talking about the work that we’ve been doing with Carbon Co-op Further details here:

We have published the report from the Energy Data Cooperative work. As you will see we covered quite a lot, but there are still some areas that we want to investigate. These are mainly to do with sustainability, trust and scale.