Hello everyone! I’m Jamie, and I’m one of the directors of Open Data Manchester. I’m really into making better use of data, especially open data, through toolbuilding, storytelling, visualisation, and more recently audiolisation, and I’m also into standards. Feel free to comment below with an intro to yourself…


Hi everyone :wave:t3:
I’m Sophie, I’m the project manager at Open Data Manchester (part time) and the COO and Co-Founder of Dsposal (part time).
With my Dsposal hat on I’m interested in improving the data we have on waste and resources, developing open data standards for the industry and building software that makes doing the right thing with waste easier for everyone.
With my ODM hat on I like supporting the rest of the ODM team to deliver the wide range of interesting projects we have going on.
Looking forward to connecting with you all and sharing our experiences of all things open data :grinning:

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Hi everyone!

I’m Nathan, I’m a PhD candidate at the Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Manchester. I also work with the Open Data Manchester team on the Our Streets Chorton project.

I’m interested in citizen science, forecasting, exploring statistical methodology for new and unconventional (non-survey) forms of data, contemporary debates in philosophy of statistics, open-sourced software (in particular R and Julia languages), civil tech, communicating uncertainty, and cooking :slight_smile:

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Hey folks - I’m Kirsty Styles, working with ODM on their comms. If you see anything amusing in the newsletter, I wrote it, and Julian our CEO tried to take it out :slight_smile:

Also doing a PhD, lecturing, causing mischief…

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