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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone within the Open Data Manchester community might be interested in providing feedback on some open data resources that we have previously developed at Friends of the Earth? We are currently evaluating what we have done and seeking to improve these resources.

The purpose of the tools is to provide information to local campaigners and decision makers, and to therefore inform local authorities’ thinking on climate & nature policy. They can be found via the following links:

We’d really welcome any input you may have, so that we can help improve everyone’s response to the climate and ecological emergency.

As well as gathering general feedback, we’ll be holding a workshop with people who have expertise in this area or experience working on similar projects. During the workshop we’ll be looking to:

  • Go through the work we’ve done to make data available to decision makers and local campaigners
  • Seek your input to how we can improve management of the data and presentation of tools|
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration.

So please feel free to post up any thoughts or questions you have here or drop me a DM if you’re interested in attending the workshop.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Alan, first of all thanks to FoE for doing this work. I’m only familiar with the greenspace access map, and I did actually contact FoE about it because I just couldn’t understand how I could be living in a D rated area when, within minutes of leaving my house on foot, I can be in a vast publicly accessible green (and blue) space. FoE explained the data sources used which led to this rating, thank you for that clear explanation. But for me it just highlighted that the data used and conclusions reached and displayed on the map didn’t seem to reflect reality/my lived experience. Perhaps more narrative explaining limitations and interpretation might help?

I particularly like the ‘how climate friendly is your area’ tool! Useful to have targets but would it be possible to have interim targets or something? rather than just best in class? As obviously don’t want people to settle for something that wouldn’t really address the climate crisis but equally don’t want people to not adopt the targets at all if they seem unachievable. Could you include evidence based suggestions on effective steps to take to address each topic?

Don’t think the greenspace map takes into account parks etc just over a boundary even if it’s v close, so wouldn’t really be able to use this as is unfortunately. But reducing inequality in access to greenspace & nature is really important so would be useful to have if this could be sorted out. Maybe could lower weight something in neighbouring areas? Then would at least acknowledge it was there & make the results credible enough that people will accept them as a basis for action.

Hi Sian, thanks for your feedback both here and previously. I will ensure that this is flagged up in our current review, as we want to ensure that our resources are as clear as possible and present a clear and recognisable picture of the local environment.

Thanks for your feedback Shan.

I’ll pass these points on to the developers. I know that they are considering how best to provide meaningful targets and also how to handle the issue of resources in neighbouring authorities.