OpenWasteMap - Recycling Centres

Hi folks,

Open Data Manchester helped us to create an open data standard for household waste recycling centres. We are calling it Open3R, the standard is over on Github - check it out.

Now we are looking to get all the recycling centres (tips, dumps etcs) onto both OpenStreetMap and Wikidata. We have create a project here - Household waste in the United Kingdom - OpenStreetMap Wiki

We have also create a bit of a front end to show people how this data can be used - OpenWasteMap.

I have just sent @Julian a quick tutorial video on how to add data to OSM and Wikidata if you want to contribute.

Oh and this is the EA public register web page

And this is the lat/long finder.

Any questions then don’t hesitate to ask.




Here is the video link with closed captions as well.

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