Reading list - books, papers and articles related to data

Read something related to data practice that you want to share with people? Posts could be articles, papers or books. Please put the title and author in the subject with a brief description and opinion.

I know it’s not a new book or anything but Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez is brilliant! Every time I walked down an icy street recently and found myself forced to walk in the road rather than on the pavement - because the roads had been gritted but the pavements hadn’t - I found myself thinking about the section in the book that speaks about how when a Scandinavian council looked at all their practices through a gendered lens they realised that it even affected what was gritted or not. They changed their gritting schedule to prioritise the pavements and found that there was a significant reduction in injuries and subsequent healthcare costs. I’ve lent the book to my Mum so I can’t refer you to the precise bit, but it’s worth a read and full of surprises!