Telraam sensors

This is a general discussion about using the Telraam sensors being deployed as part of the ‘Our Streets Chorlton’ project. They are Raspberry Pi based traffic counters to measure the volume, speed and types of traffic down roads in the Chorlton and Chorlton Park areas. The sensors use Artificial Intelligence to work out what is going on with the data accessible on the Telraam website.

Two of our sensors are currently live. Can view theiir data here:

The main telraam map is quite fun to look to at too - someone has one up in Chapeltown in Leeds and another in Lymm!

It would be great to see more sensors get installed especially where there are rat runs

There’s a school at the end of my street, and I’m looking forward to seeing how traffic patterns change when schools are back full time. My perception is that the number of parents dropping off children morning and afternoon is definitely a lot less than ten years ago, but will be checking my my Telraam stats with interest.

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It would be interesting to see how traffic on your road will change. One thing that I haven’t quite worked out is if the sun affects the readings. The window that I have my camera placed is south facing and also is triple glazed so there is a chance of getting a lot of inter reflections.

I am not sure of the numbers I am getting out of our Telraam. It seems like the bicycle/pedestrian ratio is a bit off.Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 17.54.54

Same here - south facing and triple glazed.

Yesterday, for the first time (since put in place in January), Telraam is counting lorries (Great Vehicles), and it’s counting a lot of them. I wonder why?

I am wondering if it treats SUVs as lorries. I do know that there are a surprising amount of supermarket delivery vehicles about these days