TfGM Data Dive 3 March 2021

Thread for any continuing discussion / resources / findings from the TfGM SCOOT Loop data dive on 3 March 2021.

Please ask any questions, post any thoughts or anything interesting here!

Here’s the Google Doc we used 210303 TfGM Data Dive - Google Docs

Nathan’s repository of the data: GitHub - NathanKhadaroo/Data_dive: Files and data for the ODM data dive

My subset of Chorlton / Chortlon Park csvs & location diagrams: data/themes/Our Streets Chorlton/TfGM Scoot Loop at master · OpenDataManchester/data · GitHub


Not surprising that there is a negative correlation between the speed traffic moves, and the time is taken to get traffic through a junction.

After looking at the cleaned Chorloton data I’ve plotted some soothed graphs.

  • Speed seems to be in miles, ranging from 0-80
  • Congestion data seems to be entirely missing from this data
  • There is some flow data, but 90% of it is 0. Flow is the percentage of a loop that a junction is backed up, each junction has a different loop time though so it’s hard to report on this without more information.
  • Link travel time - I am guessing the time taken in second to clear a link, or travel through a link?


Joining this dataset with air quality, or traffic signal data would be more interesting.
And with air quality, weather data

what’s the speed limit at each point? Is it possible to identify speeding using this? Making the street more people friendly can help to lower the speeds. is each point already in the air quality management area? What is the deprivation (IMD) of residents in the area each point is in?

This is super interesting. I can’t imagine people would be doing 80mph, although sometimes you do wonder

It’s shame that this isn’t open! Could be very useful as it not only has speed limit data, but average actual road speed too.

Instead, we can probably get speed limits via OSM.